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What Is Semi Permanent Make Up?

You will probably have mostly heard of “Microblading” but there are different forms/styles of Permanent Makeup using different methods to implant the pigment into the skin.

Microblading:  Manually using a super fine blade to create channels in the skin which look like hairstrokes. This technique creates a very natural look but is limited to what can be achieved and doesn’t suit all skin types.

Machine method: (brows, lips& areola) Using an electronically powered machine and a needle, similar to a regular tattoo (but less aggressive & using semi permanent pigment not implanted as deep as tattoo ink).

My preferred method is using the machine as I can achieve different effects such as shading, ombré and super natural hairstrokes. 

I would advise booking a consultation with me to find out more and I can make recommendations to suit your skin & hair type and lifestyle.

The benefits of semi-permanent makeup include saving time and money with not needing to buy brow makeup on a regular basis and drawing on your brows daily.

We all know the struggle to get those perfect symmetrical brows right?!

This treatment is perfect for a low maintenance morning routine and gives you one less thing to worry about particularly for clients with poor vision or shaky hands.

Lasting from 1-5 years before they start to fade, a colour boost session is recommended every 1-3 years to keep them looking fresh.

Who Is Suitable?

  • 18 years and over
  • Must not be on medication for acne (Accutane). If you have previously taken Accutane you must have stopped taking this medication for 12 months prior to having semi permanent make up
  • Not suitable if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or have recently diagnosed/uncontrolled problematic diabetes
  • Must not be on any type of blood thinners inc warfarin etc
  • Not suitable during chemotherapy/radiation/cancer treatment
  • Please inform me of any allergies/disorders/disabilities before booking
  • If you have had your brows tattooed/microbladed before, they must have significantly faded-please book a consultation or send me photos to assess before booking your treatment

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