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Suitable for all skin types inc oily

Bolder style brow giving a make up effect, ideal for gappy brows, gives a shaded effect without any hairstrokes,longer lasting than microblading.


Suitable for normal/dry skin types

Natural looking hairstroke effect, slightly more defined and longer lasting than microblading, can be combined with some shading to add the illusion of depth.


Suitable for normal -dry skin types

A combination of the above techniques -powder and hairstrokes, hairstrokes may be placed all the way through the brow or just at the fronts. Can be super soft and natural or bolder to suit you!


Not suitable for oily, uneven textured or open pore skin types.

The most natural looking form of permanent make up, fine hairstrokes created with a blade rather than a machine help to fill out sparse brows. Not a make up effect, they give an every day brow look.

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