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Does It Hurt?

Everyone has a different level of sensitivity so topical anaesthetics are applied during the treatment to lessen any discomfort. Some clients may feel one brow more than the other. You will experience a slight noise and vibration / sensation throughout.

Some clients liken it to a sharp plucking of the brows and it feels a little scratchy but nothing unbearable and of course the results are more than worth it!

Music is usually played during the procedure and I will chat to you throughout to put you at ease.

Will They Be Swollen / What Is The Downtime Like?

You should not be swollen unless you are extremely sensitive.

You might have slightly red skin around the eyebrows, but this usually lasts no more than a few hours.

They will feel slightly tender for a few hours.

How Long Does It Take?

The procedure takes roughly about 2.5 hours sometimes more, sometimes less. Please allow a good 3 hour window for your treatment.

The touch up (6 weeks later) takes around 1.5-2 hours.

What's Involved In The Process?

Semi permanent brows are a 2 step treatment, consisting of an initial procedure and then a touch up around 6 weeks later.

After taking your before photo, I will draw the brow design in pencil so you will get an idea of the shape and style.(Please note that nobody’s face is totally symmetrical and you need to be realistic with your expectations.) There is no point in trying to make the eyebrows identical or matching a photo of your favourite celebrities eyebrows if your face shape Looks nothing like theirs!

Once we have agreed on a final shape (ultimately it is your decision- but I will always voice my opinion on what I think suits you aesthetically), I will shape your eyebrows then we will decide on the colour.

The first part (or the first pass as we call it) is done without anaesthetic so that I can get a feel for your skin in it’s natural state and can adapt my pressure to suit your skin, after the first pass a topical anaesthetic will be applied to numb the skin and you should barely feel anything during this part allowing you to relax into the treatment and let me work my magic!


In order to keep your eyebrow tattoo results looking fresh, we recommend a colour boost every 12-24 months.

The pigments are semi permanent and designed to fade out gradually over time, as they fade they tend to lose their warmth so during the colour boost treatment we implant more pigment and warm them back up to keep them looking fresh.

This will depend on your skin, medication and lifestyle & age & how well you look after your brows.


No. Every attempt is made to retain all natural hair and incorporate it into the design of the permanent eyebrows as the more natural hair present then the more natural they will look.

In some cases, where shaping of the natural brow is required a minimal amount of brow hairs may need to be removed to create the most flattering result.


You are advised to keep the skin clean and dry, that means no swimming, heat, steam, sweating or otherwise getting the area wet. No tanning or prolonged sun exposure, no picking, peeling, scratching or rubbing the tattoo, this may result in a loss of colour and scarring..

You will be given aftercare products and a written aftercare leaflet at your treatment and it is imperative you follow these instructions to get the best results from your treatment.


After any initial redness has subsided you can expect your brows to look darker for the first 5-7 days then you may experience some flakiness/dryness, the pigment may flake off in patches then they will look light etc the following week-possibly too light for the next week then from around week 3 you will see your true healed results from your first session.

There may be some areas that need working on more at the top up and that’s why we call that the “perfecting session”.


This will vary from Person to person and is dependent on lots of factors such as skin type, any medication, sun exposure, smoking, sweating & how well you’ve looked after them but generally without a colour boost, after just the 2 initial sessions they would last around 1-5 years in the skin, the more top ups you have, the longer they will last in the skin.

It is important to realise that to keep them looking fresh you will need to have regular colour boosts.

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